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Hi Christine,
Just a quick note to let you know I have the passport back and that you have been most kind and helpful throughout this process, thanks a lot!
Have a great day

That's great! Thanks again Damien for your hard work - it was a long struggle but we got there in the end. Myself and Emily are delighted. 
Have a great weekend!

Hahahaha your gas craic lol, awww thanks a million seriously!

With everything that has happened in the last while, it's so great to have a laugh and smile, you are a great guy and keep doing what your doing, makes such a difference meeting people like you, I never take it for granted, wishing you all the best!

Go easy on the shots lol!!!

Wishing you the sunniest of times ahead!


Hi Christine,

Yes we are based in Dublin, Ireland. We are currently still in our busy period, so if an email will do for the feedback that would be great. I will keep it short and sweet.

Travel Department visa section were satisfied with Visa First services. We have gotten visas from you for the last few years for our customers with no delays or errors.

Thanks very much for your help and advice over the past few years.

Thanks Christine! 

Thank you so much! I really hope it goes well. I presume we will get the documents which need to be signed if/when our visa is confirmed?

We really appreciate how helpful you have been, I will be recommending you to other people!

Hope you have a good weekend too,

Thanks again,

Alice and Josh

Oh my goodness I just finish work and saw your message thank you so much for all your help, Ben and I appreciate everything you have done for us. I just got a promotion in work today and now this...what a great day!

Thanks again!


Hi Hana, Christine,
Visa in my hand.
Many thanks for everything.

Best wishes.


Hi Damien,
Thanks for all that. The visa has been approved, collecting the passport on Friday. Thanks for all your help.

All the best

Hi Damien,

I'm delighted with the news thanks a million for all the efforts there at visa first.

Thanks Stan

Just received the email that my visa was granted. Im a very pleased.

Hi Annie,
I received today my passport with visa on it. Much appreciate the outstanding service!

Thank you,

Thanks a million Christine ! wish you a lovely day

Senior Solution Architect

Hi Christine,
I got that receipt and I would like to thank you for the very professional and prompt manner with which you dealt with this.
Thank you,

You´ve made my day.
I could not breath, eat or sleep up to an hour ago.
Thank you so much for your support.
I can get back to my normal state of human being ahata!

Have a lovely weekend you too!
Natalie Samoel

Thank you so much for all your help Ross.
Will definitely need your help for the PR And would love if you could assist when the time comes.

Best Regards,
Eleanor and Ger

Hi Damien,

Just emailing to inform you that my working visa has being granted. I want to thank you and your team for all the help you gave me throughout the process. I really appreciated your help.

Many thanks,

Stan there is nothing more I can say except you my friend are a legend! You've saved me from having to go back home and I really appreciate everything you've done. If you have somewhere I can leave feed back or someone I can send a letter too so they can hear my appraisal send me some details and ill forward it right away. I've received the email with tfn once again thank you for your help!

Jamie Davis

Hi Christine

I received my visa yesterday and just wanted to thank you for all your help and for being so fast and efficient and extremely helpful!!!

Kiera O'Brien

Hello Ross,

Thank you very much for the great news!

Also thanks for working on my application.

Kind regards
Bjoern Burmann

Hi Damien

So sorry i missed your call !!

Great news.. think im in shock a little bit lol

I cannot reach Sean today so far so still have to break the news to him.

Thank you for everything you have been fantastic and i will certainly be praising yourself and Visafirst to friends that talk about Immigration!

Will speak to you soon.

Thanks again