Working Holiday Visa is a specific type of visa that is a product of bilateral agreement between two countries. The Working Holiday Visa allows young people to travel to the country issuing the visa and to undertake employment in order to support themselves financially. The maximum stay that a Working Holiday Visa allows is up to one year. Some countries allow prospective applicants to receive a Second Working Holiday Visa under certain conditions. The general requirements that applicants need to fulfill in order to receive a Working Holiday Visa are the following:
  • They must be between 18-35 years old (up to 35 for Canada);
  • They must prove that they are able to support themselves financially;
  • They must hold a passport from an eligible country;
  • Proof of some kind of travel insurance;

Countries, currently offering a Working Holiday Visa are:
  • ASIA: Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Republic of China (Taiwan), Singapore, Thailand;
  • AMERICA: Argentina, Canada, Chile, Uruguay;
  • EUROPE: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom;
  • OCEANIA: Australia, New Zealand;

Working holiday visas from Visa First:

The Australian Working Holiday Visa provides the chance for young people to enjoy an extended holiday in Australia, while working temporary to supplement their vacation.
If you worked as seasonal or construction worker under the Australian Working Holiday Program you could get a Second Year Australian Working Holiday for second visit to Australia.
The Australian Work and Holiday Visa allow young US citizens to have an extended holiday (up to 12 months) while working temporary job to supplement their holiday.
With the New Zealand Working Holiday Visa you could travel up to 12 months (23 months for UK passport holders) and entitles you to seek temporary employment to fund your holiday.
If you want to enjoy extended holiday in Ireland (up to 12 months) and fund your travel with casual employment, the Ireland Working Holiday Visa is your answer.
You can travel and seek temporary employment in UK with the Tier-5 Youth Mobility Scheme, enjoying extended holiday in the United Kingdom for up to 2 years.
The Germany Working Holiday Visa gives opportunity to have an extended holiday in Germany, taking up casual jobs to help you fund your stay.
The Hong Kong Working Holiday Scheme allows young people to take a holiday in the exotic Hong Kong, giving them the option to seek temporary employmend and/or take student courses.
The WHP provides opportunities for young Irish and United Kingdom residents to enjoy extended holidays in Canada and permits them to work for up to 12 months.
Working Holiday Visa (WHV) is intended to promote close cooperative relations between Argentina and Ireland. The aim of the Programme is to holiday in the Argentine Republic with employment being an incidental rather than the primary reason for the visit.
Visa First assists with Taiwan Working Holiday Visa applications. If you are Irish citizen aged 18-30 and residing in Ireland you may apply for a 180 day Taiwan Working Holiday Visa
Germany:0800 000 7272
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Australia:1 800 829 230
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Austria:01 928 0468
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Belgium:01 150 0353
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Canada:647 724 3535
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Denmark:07014 2225
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France:01 72 72 72 10
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Holland:02 0890 8144
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Ireland:01 878 3329
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Italy:02 3600 0535
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New Zealand:0800 462 967
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Spain:91 187 15 30
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USA:866 772 9245
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